Weekly Live Shows

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In case you have missed it this past year, I have been doing a weekly Facebook Live show on Tuesday's @ 3:30 Central.  It is called Software Shut-In Fun.  This can be viewed on Facebook or YouTube.  If you have a question about

Craftsy Flash Sale

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"What do you want to create in 2015? Get better at what you love to do and save up to 50% off popular online Craftsy classes for this weekend only. (35+ new classes included!)"


When things go wrong

Posted by Administrator on 1/2/2015 to General Information

Ok, so a few of you have requested information about uh oh's that happen...

We all know getting ready for Christmas can be very hectic.  Well believe me when I say that when you travel, it becomes more than hectic.  At my house this year, I had a frantic one day to get prepared for Christmas.  I had a few gifts to make and had exactly 24 hrs to get them completed.  My dad had asked for hats for a Church function he participates in, so I thought..no problem, put that hat hoop on and go for it, right????

Not so much.  I put the hat hoop on, hooped the first hat, ran the design and no problem it is done and looked great.  So here I go with the second one.  I am getting super fast at this by now.  This one is a little heavier weight, a denim hat, I hoop it up, put it on the machine and my machine is struggling to get it done.  Now I am on a PR1000e and it can go through almost anything, but I think to myself, maybe the fabric is just too thick for my needles.  I had 75/11's in the machine.  In the back of my head, I could hear Paulette Bell telling me you never need a 90/14 needle in this machine, but my machine was really thumping.  So I switched out the needles.

Well the machine ran beautifully after that and finished the hat without further issue.  When I took the hat off, I had to laugh at myself.  Sometimes you just have to!  I had completely sewn the back of the hat to the front over the Velcro closure.  I don't know how I managed to get that sucker caught, but I did indeed.  Moral of the story....If your machine is struggling, check and make sure you don't have something caught under the frame that isn't supposed to be stitching.  I stitched through 6 layers of denim and 2 layers of Velcro.  Boy that machine can stitch through almost anything!

Have fun and enjoy a laugh on me today!


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